If you currently wear dentures or partial dentures, it is necessary that you bring them to your appointment.  We will generally keep your dentures for a few hours in order to assist the laboratory in completing your new dentures.  If possible, please remember to leave these dentures out for a few hours before your visit and only replace them when requested to do so by the dentist. This will help the gums to be more natural before the impressions are taken for  new dentures. Also, if you are using denture adhesive please remember to remove any denture adhesive or residue from the dentures and your gums before you come in for your appointment.

Immediate Dentures/Partials

Immediate dentures are called different names in many different offices, in this office we call them immediate or transitional dentures.  Immediate dentures are placed in the patient’s mouth following the extraction of the teeth.  This process can be completed for both partials and dentures.

This is a great service if your goal is to maintain appearance during the healing process.  Please note that your gums will be sore during the healing process which takes some time.  After healing, the gums shrink and the immediate dentures may require relining.  Often, it is necessary to replace the immediate denture with a permanent new denture.  The reline or new denture service has a separate fee.

Same Day Dentures

The dentures can be completed in the same day. Our process includes a wax try-in, giving the patient an opportunity to approve the appearance of the dentures before they are processed.  This allows the patient to make changes before the dentures are finished.  New denture patients sometimes question why the lower denture, generally has less suction, in part, because the lower jaw has worn down faster.  The lower denture relies on the patient learning to use their facial muscles and the tongue to assist with the suction of the lower dentures.


Most partials allow the patient to have input and a try-in of the teeth before the partial is processed.  Sometimes, a try-in is not needed if the lab can construct based on the impression alone.  When this happens, the partial will go straight to a finish.


Complex and simple extractions are an additional service.  We provide emergency consultations and extractions for both Insurance and fee patients.  Oral sedation is also offered at an additional fee.

Repairs and Relines

Same day repairs and relines are available.


Every patient is different and adjusts to new dentures differently.  Patients wearing dentures for the first time can anticipate sore spots which will require an adjustment to the dentures.  There is no charge for adjustments during the first 6 months.  Thereafter, a regular adjustment fee will be charged.

Insurance and Payment Methods

A One Day Dentures, P.C., accepts most types of insurance or reimbursement plans that would allow the insurance company to pay you directly.  A complimentary benefits check is provided at the initial consultation. If you would like to see if you qualify for The Care Credit card before you come in, go to or call (800) 365-8295.

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and CareCredit are all forms of payment accepted at our office.

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